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We provide high-quality air freight services which is directly handled by any airport in U.S.

Air Freight

When you have chosen air as your shipping mode, you are paying the premium price for the expedited schedule to meet certain deadline. At ARKMAN, we understand the urgency involved with air shipments and our air team strive to complete each and every shipment as scheduled. Our team has a proven record of providing such quality service for close to two decades.
ARKMAN has capacity to handle the entire process to ensure your shipment's on-time delivery, for both import and export shipments from pickup until the delivery including customs clearance. Through years of experience in this industry, we have developed strong relationships with airline carriers which enables us to provide you with competitive rates and priority in space allocation.

Comprehensive Services

• Import and export air transportation
• Regular consolidations
• Customs clearance
• Certified to handle hazardous and perishable material
• Military cargo requiring export license.

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